2018 - FOA Scotland & North Rally - Rothesay Harbour


  • Location: Rothesay Harbour.

    Dates: Selected weekends May to September 2018.

    For many years previously planned Summer Rallies have been cancelled through lack of support and perhaps the result of numbers of members being unable to co-ordinate their holiday dates.

    The revised plan this year is a meet in Rothesay harbour on the first weekend every month May through to September. Members if interested, can then arrange to start or finish their annual cruise from that location, possibly in company, or in July from Tarbert.

    Meeting location and Dates On The Water:

    Rothesay Harbour   Sat/Sun  5th/6th May

    Rothesay Harbour   Sat/Sun  2nd/3rd June

    Rothesay Harbour   Sat  30th Jun / Sun 1st July

    Tarbert Harbour     Fri/Sat/Sun  20th/21st/22nd July

    Rothesay Harbour   Sat/Sun  4th/5th August

    Rothesay Harbour   Sat/Sun  1st/2nd September

    We hope that members day sailing in the area as well as those overnighting will consider making Rothesay or Tarbert their destination on those dates.

    Please remember that you can use our closed Facebook page to see what other members are doing and perhaps plan accordingly.

    Please let me know (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you plan to attend so that I can make the necessary reservations. 

    Organiser: Harvey Bernard, Rear Commodore Scotland and North.

    Note: Your attention is drawn to our Terms & Conditions at the bottom of this page, particularly paragraph 8. 



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