Advertising Instructions


  • Advertising on this page is a membership benefit available to Full Members of the FOA (as defined in the Constitution - see under Membership). 
    Please check which of the following categories fits your circumstances to determine the cost of your advert.
    A. Current FOA members:
    1. If you have been a paid up FOA member for the last 3 consecutive years or more (i.e. the current year plus the two preceding years), the advert is free.
    2. If you have been a paid up FOA member for the last 2 consecutive years (i.e. the current year plus the preceding year), the advert will cost £30.
    3. If you have only been a paid up FOA member for  the current year, the advert will cost £60.

    B. Non FOA Members:

    1. If you are not a FOA member you need to complete an application form to become a Full Member (see under Membership) and pay £90 which is essentially for three years membership (the current year and the two preceding).

    C. Lapsed FOA members:

    1. If you are a lapsed FOA member of over three years then the Non FOA Member category applies, namely you will need to ‘buy back’ the last three consecutive membership years.
    2. If you have left the FOA within the last 3 years then you will have ‘to make up’ for the ‘lost’ last three membership years.
    3. You will still need to complete an application form to become a Full Member (see under Membership).

    D. The above rules: These rules only applies to adverts in the current year. Should you wish for the advert to remain on the Website in future years then the respective annual membership fees will need to be paid.

    E. Deceased Members: By way of exception to these rules, the family, executor, or administrator of any paid up FOA member who dies may advertise the deceased member's Fisher in the 'Classified Ads' free of charge.

    Email a photo of your boat along with the text you wish to see displayed to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   Details should include Name, Type, Year built, Location and Price plus any other information you want. Links to youtube videos are allowed as are links to other websites that may have a photo library.
    If payment is applicable, the advert will be displayed once the website manager has had notification from the Treasurer that the money has been paid. Otherwise the website manager will endeavour to get the adverts up as quickly as possible.
    Please remember to let us know when you have successfully sold your boat so we can remove the advert.
    Note 1: All ‘Classified Ads’ are published at the discretion of the website manager and can remain posted for as long as the member wishes (provided their membership remains valid).
    Note 2: Your attention is drawn to our Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page particularly paragraph 9